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If you’re getting ready for summer one thing that will likely be at the top of your list is beach gear. Going to the beach is a great way to relax and enjoy the warm weather, sea air, and surging waves.

There are lots of great shops online which sell surfing clothes and gear for anyone from experienced surfers, complete beginners, and those who just prefer to watch from the shore.

These shops sell clothes, wetsuits, and even new boards for adding to your quiver providing everything you need to start riding the waves. So whether you are looking for new gear before you jump on your board, or have never hung five in your life but think you would look great in boardshorts here are 10 of the best online surf shops.


With a straightforward and direct name, this shop is everything it says on the tin. They sell a wide range of boards as well as board wax, personalized rash guards, and paddles. This shop features many famous surfing brands including Hurley, Hawaiian Island, and Lost to name just a few.

As well as stylish beachwear for both men and women, this shop also sells towels, sunscreen, frisbees, and even speakers. Even if you have never set foot on a surfboard in your life and you don’t intend to, this website has everything you need for a great day at the beach.

  • Wide range of surfing brands to choose from
  • They sell surfing gear, boards, and the equipment you need to maintain them
  • Large selection of beach accessories including towels, sunscreen, and Frisbees

2. Maui And Sons

Maui and Sons are mainly a clothing brand but they also sell a few surfboards with awesome designs on them as well as gear for skating and snorkeling. Their designs are bright, colorful and perfectly capture the laid-back, bohemian aesthetic of the surfing lifestyle.

There isn’t the biggest selection of items, but there are hoodies, shirts, shorts, and windbreakers all of which boast unique colorful designs. The clothes come in all sizes and there are separate ranges for men, women, and children. This shop is great for anyone looking to buy a gift for a friend or family member who surfs.

  • Bright colorful beachwear
  • Unique designs on the shirts and boards
  • Hoodies, shirts, and beach shorts are available for men and women of all ages.
  • Affordable

3. Hurley


Hurley is a popular brand among surfers and looking at their products, it is easy to see why. This is another brand that mainly sells clothes and accessories rather than actual boards. That said if you are looking for a new pair of boardshorts or a wetsuit, you will find lots of both on this site.

As well as great beachwear for men, women, and children, there is also a wide range of other clothes including jackets, hoodies, and beanies for keeping warm once you get out of the water.

While you can’t buy a surfboard, you can pick up an inflatable paddleboard that comes with all the necessary equipment to set it up and transport it to the beach.

  • A popular reliable brand used by many surfers around the world
  • Great range of practical and comfortable beachwear
  • Paddleboards are available with everything you need to use them
  • Large selection of regular clothes as well as surfing gear.

4. Almond Surfboards

If you are looking for more than just surfer fashion Almond Surfboards is a Californian shop that offers everything you need to start surfing or add to your existing kit. You can get rugged foam boards that don’t need to be waxed or traditional fiberglass boards sporting custom decks.

The website has a selection of articles so you can learn more about surfing and pick up some useful tips for beginners in the process. Many reviews say their boards are high quality and the small team works hard to get most of their orders out the door in 48 hours.

The company has a loyalty recycling program for making sure nothing goes to waste when a board does reach the end of its life.

  • High-quality surfboards for beginners and enthusiasts alike
  • Recycling program for returning old or broken boards
  • Large range of surfboards, fins, and accessories
  • Fast shipping and great customer service.


Evo is a one-stop shop for all board sports, from snowboarding equipment to high-quality surfboards and all the gear you need to maintain them. They feature clothes and items from numerous high-profile brands including Rip Curl, Billabong, Catch Surf, and many more.

As well as wetsuits, boardshorts and other items of beachwear, this company sells surfboards for all skill levels and ages along with fins, leashes, and deck grips. That’s pretty much everything you need if you are looking to take up surfing or simply need to get yourself some new equipment.

  • Free delivery.
  • Wide selection of clothes and equipment for all boardsports
  • As well as surfboards, you can pick up new fins and other essential gear
  • Lots of reputable brands to choose from

6. Patagonia

This website sells a wide variety of products many of which are for outdoor hiking and winter sports. However, they do have a surfing section where they sell their own wetsuits made from Yulex rubber instead of Neoprene.

You can also pick up rucksacks for carrying your beach kit, and special waterproof boots for gripping your board better.

A great aspect of Patagonia is their articles that provide great perspectives from professional surfers as well as helpful tips for beginners. They also sell books about surfing for those who want to immerse themselves in the rich culture around this sport.

  • Their wetsuits are made from a special fabric called Yulex for those who want to avoid Neoprene.
  • Helpful books and articles about surfing.
  • Great selection of practical gear as well as fashionable beachwear
  • A well-known and reputable brand.

7. OuterKnown

This company was first set up to provide an alternative to big brands, and has built its reputation selling stylish, practical, and most importantly durable clothes for surfers.

Now they have branched out to offer all kinds of clothing but the groovy t-shirts and high-quality swimming trunks are still there.

Outerknown has a big focus on sustainability and many of their clothes are fully recyclable and built to last a long time. They offer plain cotton t-shirts in a variety of different colors as well as fleeces and boardshorts.

  • Sustainably sourced clothing
  • All their items are made to last a long time
  • Great range of t-shirts and swimming trunks
  • Their clothes are all fully recyclable.

8. Quiksilver

Quicksilver is a very well-known brand that many surfers will have already heard of. They are based in Australia so your items may take a little longer to arrive but they are worth the wait. This company doesn’t sell any boards but they do sell practical and stylish clothes designed for surfers.

Their range of boardshorts, t-shirts, wetsuits, and swimming costumes is very extensive, guaranteeing something for everybody. Despite not being located in the US their prices are still very affordable and they offer free shipping and returns on any purchase you make.

  • Extensive range of beachwear for surfers.
  • Well-known brand.
  • Free shipping.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Colorful and plain clothes to suit all personal tastes and styles.

9. Hansen Surfboards

Despite having surfboards in the name, Hansen also makes a wide range of other products for winter sports as well. Don’t worry though, they do sell surfboards along with all the equipment you need to modify and maintain them.

Their range of surfboards is rather limited, but it includes some high-quality boards from brands such as Firewire, Lost, and channel islands.

As well as boards you can shop from an extensive selection of beachwear, including lightweight t-shirts, board shorts, and sweatshirts. If you need any wax for your board, sunscreen, or a new deck grip this is definitely an online shop worth checking out.

  • Offers lots of useful kit and accessories for surfers.
  • Great selection of stylish beachwear.
  • Small selection of surfboards but from very good brands
  • Good customer service.

10. Rip Curl

Rip Curl is another Australian brand that offers great beachwear from full wetsuits to boardshorts and everything in between. They don’t sell any boards, but they do offer useful covers for carrying your surfboard to and from the beach.

Many of their shirts feature awesome unique designs and they even sell waterproof watches so you don’t have to lose track of time while you are out on the waves. When you come out of the water it is important to stay dry and warm, which is why Rip Curl offers hoodies and fleeces to help you warm up between waves.

  • Great selection of stylish t-shirts, boardshorts, fleeces, and much more.
  • Many of the clothes are designed specifically for surfers.
  • Affordable.
  • They offer waterproof watches.
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