Celebrate Thanksgiving Day most optimistically by decorating your house with the true spirits of the occasions. Of course, hosting a thanksgiving party is an uphill battle, but you can make it purely entertaining by considering what we are going to unwrap below.

Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness and gratitude- Nigel Hamilton

It is more than just a festival. It’s the time of the year when all the relatives summon up and commemorate the day with gratitude and appreciativeness.

Imagine this time it’s your house for a thanksgiving party, and it is just a week left before the grand celebration. And you aren’t prepared for anything. Instead, you’re bombarded with a question like:

• Which finest treats do you need to prepare before the guest arrives?
• What decoration pieces can go with your house furniture?
• Where can you shop for thanksgiving goodies?
• How can you make guests feel comfortable?

Panicking right! Don’t fret….!!

To answer all these questions and to make this year’s Thanksgiving arrangement free from strife, we’ve come up with the most demanding Thanksgiving Day decoration ideas along with some tasty goodies, party themes and much more.

Trust us, and it will ensure the day is celebrated with high spirits. So continue reading to know more!

Thanksgiving Decorations

Decorate your main doorway with the lovely thanksgiving touch and cordial salutation of your guest. Straw-man wearing an Orange Peel shirt and placing some pumpkins beside them is the premium thanksgiving decoration. Add some autumn vibes to it by creating a fall foliage garland that covers the boundaries of the door. Some of the special Thanksgiving decoration pieces are;


Most of you are probably oblivious to the Thanksgiving tree. Similar to the Christmas tree, you can decorate your house with perfect aesthetic vibes. But this time around, the tree would not be the same. Instead of a lush green tree, you can go with a beastly tree without the greenery.

Moreover, the tree would not be gigantic as it was on Christmas. A small size tree with empty branches will drive the thanksgiving vibes up to the notch. If the bare branches are unsightly, you can work on creating your lively tree.


Thanksgiving decoration is incomplete without placing the overfilled Cornucopia at the top of the table. A longhorn-shaped thing stuffed with fruits, vegetables, and grains appears aesthetic when positioned at the top of the dining table. Cornucopia is considered as the symbol of Thanksgiving Day, and if you haven’t bought it yet, you will be missing the blessings you will receive this day.

You can decorate the Cornucopia using various edible goodies, including sweet and fresh fruits, vegetables and ears of corn. The idea of Cornucopia comes from old Greek traditions. At that time, whenever people see Cornucopia, they think of thanksgiving. So if your dining table is already glutted with Thanksgiving food, you can place it wherever you want. The coolest spot is placed at the entry gate, make a mini table and place it on filled with fruits so your guest can have a snack before having a lavish dinner. Shop this Cornucopia from 1800Flowers and have savvy shopping by redeeming 1800Flower coupon at the store.


Another necessary decoration item for the Thanksgiving party is a spooky scarecrow. To make the Thanksgiving decoration fun for both kids and adults, place the scarecrow at the main entrance or backyard of your house. It brings a welcoming gesture to the arriving guest and adds some friendly faces to your entry.

Remember, it’s not Halloween; don’t scare the children if you make it yourself. You can craft Homemade Thanksgiving decorations if you want to showcase your talent and believe in the hidden artisan inside. Take a piece of rag or tatters cloths and place it over the wooden stick that must appear like a real human. Other materials required include autumn leaves, grass clippings, old rags, straw, and even wood chips. You may hang it at the main door at the front yard garden for the perfect placement.


To light up your house with genuine Thanksgiving moments, Candles are the masterpiece. These candles do not just brighten up the entire home, but their pleasant scent triggers the everlasting memories you miss in the recent thanksgiving. Perhaps, with a swarm of a guest at your house, your house might smell due to Bromhidrosis. In this condition, if you placed scent candles all over the house, the bad smell would change into redolence.

Furthermore, imagine you are celebrating Thanksgiving 2021 away from your family or friend. In that case, these Scented candles will recreate the fragrance and will have the magical ability to trigger the memories of the previous Thanksgiving.


Similar to Halloween, Pumpkins are a vital part of Thanksgiving 2021. If you are looking to embellish your house with the Perfect Thanksgiving 2021you can decorate the pumpkins with different colors and creativity. Your guest will truly appreciate it. Besides the painting and drawing, you can place it all over the house at different places from the entrance to the kitchen in a creative manner. Get the pumpkins from Walmart and use Walmart promo code to save money. 

If you are wondering what to draw and paint on pumpkins? Don’t worry! We will tell you the thoughtful and unique idea that will take your creativity to the next level. If you are looking for a simple and sleek thanksgiving decoration 2021, you can paint the entire pumpkin the same color. To enhance your creativity, you can craft different shapes for a bold statement that friends and family members will remember until Thanks giving 2022.

Where to buy Thanks giving decorations?

These decorations will make your house look exotic and will give the exact Thanksgiving vibe. But how to find the perfect products? Well, you can shop in-store or opt for online shopping sales for the products on stores such as Target, Walmart, etc.

Thanksgiving Goodies 

When it comes to Thanksgiving goodies, you have an extensive range of Thanksgiving desserts, and that makes the selection pretty much easier. You can cook as many Thanksgiving dishes as possible and make the extra night special for the guest. Unlike home decoration, there is no restriction when it comes to decorating cakes. You can go to any level and bring in creativity while preparing the cake.

If you are curious to know what are the top goodies for Thanksgiving? You can check out these tempting Thanksgiving foods.

Turkey Cupcakes

Turkey Cupcakes is a sweet dish that must be present at every thanksgiving table. These cute little cupcakes are the heavenly stop for sweet enthusiastic, and especially loved by kids. If you have a family gathering at your home, you can make a specialized dining table only for kids and decorate it with adorable tiny cupcakes. These delectable fall treats are prepared with rice cereal, cookies, candy and finishing up with some colourful stuff.




To enhance the beauty of the dining table, Turkey Pretzels must be there. These little chocolaty masterpieces are prepared with an Oreo topped with chocolate.




Harvest Corn Cakes

Corn cakes are an exciting way to celebrate thanksgiving. The cake looks like corn but tastes like a soft and creamy cake. They are made up of cake, bunties and cream and are loved both by kids and adults.




Mini Sweet Potato Soufflés

If you are looking for something baked and colorful simultaneously, Mini Sweet Potato Soufflés is preferred. These fluffy cakes are potatoes, cinnamon and brown sugar—a great choice for older people and kids.





Pumpkin Cheesecake

Is it fall? It means it is the perfect Pumpkin time. These little white balls are the finest Thanksgiving creation and are exclusively made for guests who have an extreme craving for Pumpkins.

Sticky Cinnamon-Sugar Monkey Bread

This dish might be out of the way for some people due to its unusual shape and taste. But believe us, this could be a great addition to the Thanksgiving dessert table.




Chocolate Apple Pops

Chocolate Apple Pops is a wonderful addition to your Thanksgiving treats. Similar to the chocolate lolly but tastes incredibly better—a perfect taste for your guest’s kids.




Thanksgiving Party Themes

As a party-giver of Thanksgiving you have to consider lots of things. Among them, the most important task is to embellish the home with Traditional Thanksgiving decorations. Whether you are a devoted traditionalist or progressive person, you should riff on the classics from year to year.

No worries if you have no idea how to decorate the home for thanksgiving. We are here to tell you some elegant and stylish ways to decorate your front door, walls, living room, guest room, table décor etc. So to decorate your home with some admired Thanksgiving themes and let the guest cheer for you. Some themes are:

Aesthetically Designed Plates

Let’s start by decorating the dining table with the best creative utensils. Thanksgiving Day means having Turkey all day, and for the guest, what could be a better idea than serving Turkey in beautifully designed plating with exciting designs on them?

Moody Florals

For minimalist romantic dining, table decoration uses the true vibes of dark florals. Additionally, a snowy white table covers, jet black plates, a few candles preferred in white and black and a flower decoration piece filled with Tulips and Orchids. So set the table, get the Moody Florals pieces from Bloom and Wild. Don’t forget to grab some Bloom and Wild coupon codes to get a cut on your bill.

Elegant Gold Thanksgiving Table

For a luxurious dining table decoration for the Thanksgiving holiday, using gold can be a perfect idea. However, we are not talking about the real gold; use golden washi tape to cover the different parts of the dining table, including the flower vase and table cover.

Use Hay Bales As Seating

Bring the nostalgic vibes back by using bales of hay as chairs. Decades ago, bales of hay were used as a seating arrangement for guests, but they became antiquity after the evolution of chairs. So on Thanksgiving date 2021, revive the past and decorate your outdoor dining with Hay Bales.

Pumpkins and Plaid Thanksgiving Table

To maintain a simple and formal touch to your dining table, utilizing a plaid table cloth is never a bad idea. Then, decorate it with colorful pumpkins, candleholders and fresh fruits for a striking look.

Adorn Outside Benches

Enhance the look of your garden area by pilling up the pumpkins and hanging some tree branches over the bench. Additionally, place some pillows so the guest can have a fabulous party.

Design The Stairs

If you are decorating your entire house, never let go of the stairs. The guest will use the house stairs several times, so it is always better to embellish them with the finest decoration. Brighten up the spiral staircase with a gorgeous sugar maple festoon around the railing—place pumpkins at different palaces for a fully festive touch.

Thanksgiving Wreaths

The first impression is the last. And if the first impression fails to impress the guest, then don’t expect your guest to be in a happy mood. Of course, we know you have done everything to excite the guest, from preparing roosted succulent turkey to the perfect baked cake, but still, it will not be enough if you miss out on an opportunity to welcome the guest as they expect.

Now is the best time to meet the requirements of your guests. Your guest expects a hearty welcome when they reach your door. How to do that? Embellish your doorway with unique, DIY Thanksgiving wreaths! Underneath, we have listed down some of the tailor-made Wreaths according to Thanksgiving Day.

Chalkboard Wreath

Welcome your guest with honor by placing a welcome chalkboard at the main house door. Cover the simple chalkboard with sugar maple garland and incorporate a welcome message like glad welcome or gracious welcome.




Corn Husk Wreath

Surprise the guest with Corn Husk Wreath. It is an exclusively designed Wreath made up of corn and some amazing colors. Flake off the husks in half and then place them around an 18′ craft ring.




Fall Fruit Wreath

Never lose the chance to stun the guest with your unique creativity. Add some fall fruits such as Apples, Cranberries and Grapes to a grapevine wreath and hang them at the front gate.




Traditional Basket Wreath

Traditional designs wreath is always captivating for guests. Take some ribbons, a medium-size basket and faux hydrangea blossoms. Write a welcoming statement at the center of the basket saying ‘thankful’ or ‘blessed.’




Tulle Turkey Wreath

Delight your children’s at thanksgiving by placing the Tulle Turkey Wreath at the main gate. A simple design wreath all it needs is tiny tulle and some decorating supplies.


Thanksgiving Day comes once a year, so you shouldn’t miss out on any opportunity that you will regret the rest of the year. And especially when you are hosting the party, make sure you are well-prepared a night before Thanksgiving Day, so you don’t panic at the last minute.

Above, we have tried to deliver you the Thanksgiving decor ideas that will make you celebrate the occasion at its best. If it’s a few days left before the grand feast, you don’t need to customize things. Instead, you can visit Thanksgiving decorations for sale at different stores.

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