Some Cabinet Styles Sorted Out For Your Bathroom

Bathroom cabinets play a major role in the overall look and function, offering both aesthetic appeal and a place to store toiletry items. If you’re realizing how many popular cabinetry styles are available for bathroom settings, it may be tough to determine what’s best for your remodel. Here’s a closer look at several types to help you decide.

What Cabinet Style Should Your Bathroom Have?

1. Recessed

Recessed cabinets that flank vanities and are mirror-height make small bathrooms appear bigger and sizable rooms even more spacious and airy. They’re ideal for bathrooms where the wall configuration offers pipe-free space. Depending on your preferences, the cabinet can be a section cut out of the wall with cabinet doors on top or built-in cabinets that simply happen to be recessed.

2. Furniture

One of the biggest bathroom cabinetry trends of the last few years has been the furniture style, or cabinets with lower open shelving and distinct legs. Some homeowners re-imagine vintage vanities as cabinets that come in a variety of designs and sizes, including tall, standalone vanities with single instead of double doors underneath. Others prefer the majesty of cabinets with raised panel doors and crown molding in the Federal style.

3. Floating

These bathroom cabinets are mounted to the wall under the sink to create a “floating” appearance. They provide a minimalist vibe, save floor space for towel baskets or other bathing items, and create a focal point. Floating cabinets often come in wood and wood-composite varieties with a natural grain look, though they’re also available in sleek white and black composite options, among others.

4. Distressed

For those who enjoy the farmhouse or shabby chic look, distressed bathroom cabinetry provides a winning solution. These “weathered” cabinets also apply to country and cottage-style bathrooms to create a vintage result that pairs well with clear lighting and metal counters.

5. Flat

Featuring minimal but easy-to-use hardware in the long metal rod style, flat cabinets come in laminate and wood materials while offering a variety of finishes to suit your bathroom remodel’s color scheme. They also save bathroom space, simplify bathroom cleaning, and are among the most affordable selections.

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