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What is SkateHut

SkateHut is a well-known store that sells equipment and accessories related to skating and more than that. It is basically a sports store, loyal mainly to the products that relate to wheels, skating and similar other activities.

The store was established back in 2007, and while they started from a meek collection of Heelys, now the store has gone far beyond that and has a couple hundred brands’ products on display.

Apart from the quantity, they still deal in a very specific type of products and the products range from skateboards to skates to scooters to bikes to clothing and shoes for these sports. It is a family owned business and family is one of the values that they so proudly nurture.

Perhaps this all “family business” philosophy is the reason why they decided to introduce SkateHut student discounts.

SkateHut positions this courtesy as a cornerstone of their whole “About Us” story. And the best thing about this is that you do not need to get a SkateHut discount code from any third party website.

We’ll be sharing the details about this on this same page, so keep with us and keep reading about all the branded products and goodies that you can get from this store and those too at discounted rates.


As it has been mentioned, it will take hours long screening to give you the exact count on the number of brands whose products are sold on SkateHut, but we can tell you that the list goes all way from A to Z and then some more, and that on every page (from A to Z) there are 20+ brands listed in alphabetical order.


This means that there can be roughly 600+ brands listed on this online store, and this is a ballpark figure.

So you can have an idea of the kind of business going on at and why you should buy skateboards from this store.

Some of big brands that have been featured on SkateHut store are as follows:

  • Madd Gear Pro
  • Heelys
  • Thrasher
  • Blunt Scooters
  • Santa Cruz
  • Nike SB (Skateboarding), and
  • Revive Skateboards etc.

These brands are all related to the products that have been mentioned above. 


You are now eager to know about the products. Here you go.

Products at SkateHut

If you take a good look at the detailed menu of SkateHut online store, you can see that the products they sell are mainly:

  • Skateboards
  • Longboards
  • Scooters
  • Skates
  • Clothes
  • Bikes
  • Shoes
  • Electronics, and
  • Accessories


It would be oversimplification to say that these are the products sold at this store; the radius of these products is rather a big one. 

There are semi-categories that you need to dive deep into in order to fully explore the scope of wonderful merchandise that you can buy from this store.

Let us narrow down the sub-categories and the kind of products that you find if you click any of the sub-categories in the drop down menu. 

  • Skateboards

Under the skateboards category, you get a lot of sub-categories to choose from. Here is a look at the sub-products under the main category of the product that we all know as ‘skateboards’.

  • Complete Skateboards – These are the skateboards with complete shape and accessories. There is a great range of complete skateboards available at this store. They are the skateboards that are ready to go when you buy them. Complete kit covers a skateboard, helmet and knee & elbow pads.
  • Complete Cruisers – A cruiser is different from a skateboard in terms of shape and wheels. 
  • A cruiser has a pointy nose and soft wheels. You can buy cruisers of all big and small brands from SkateHut’s sub-category page for cruisers. 
  • Beginner Skateboards – For kids and teens, those who’re interested in skating, there are these colorful, small and safety oriented skateboard kits. A kit usually consisted of a skateboard, helmet and elbow-knee pads.
  • Mini Skateboards – These for little kids and include everything that is included in Beginner Skateboards, except the size is smaller than those skateboards.
  • Electric Skateboards –  For those who want a little motorized power for their skateboards and turn them into everyday commute boards, here are these electric skateboards with electric and safety kit.
  • Hoverboards – For those who are done with electronic skateboards and who want to level up their game, SkateHut has got different types of boards – called hoverboards. Yup, you know them! Some of you also know them as self-balancing scooters.
  • Skateboard Hardware

In this category you get to find almost all types of hardware that you will ever need for your boards.

  • Skateboard Decks – If your skateboard’s deck is no longer good for skating or you just want to change it with a new deck, you can anytime pick from a large variety of skateboard decks of all shapes, colors and sizes.
  • Skateboard Wheels – If your skateboard’s wheels have stopped rolling or you just want to change them because you’re bored of them, check the huge variety of wheels on their website.
  • Skateboard Trucks – The part that keeps the wheels rolling! If you somehow end up breaking or damaging it, you can get a new one from this store.
  • Bearings and Bushings and Bolts – Get all small but very important parts like bearings, bushings, bolts, grip tape, shock pads and tools of your choosing.
  • Skateboard Accessories

Under this category you will find all the accessories of Skateboards.

  • Helmets and Pads – Your protection is of paramount importance while you enjoy skateboarding. Get your helmet, knee and elbow pads from the SkateHut store.
  • Ramps and Rails – These are the kind of spare parts that you might need for your board after a hell lot of skating.
  • Wall Mounts and other stuff – Other accessories like wall mounts, wax and DVDs are also available at the same store.
  • Longboards

Longboards are similar to skateboards with two main differences: they are bigger in sizes and they do not have a single specific shape.

  • Longboard Decks – Just like skateboard decks, you have many different sizes and shapes and colors to choose from.
  • Longboard Wheels – You can buy wheels of all types and colors from SkateHut.
  • Longboard Trucks – The part that keeps things moving. It can easily get dysfunctional, but you can buy a new one.
  • Bearings, bushings and bolts – All accessories like bearings, bushings, bolts, griptape and tools are available.
  • Longboard Accessories

Take a look at the longboard accessories that you can buy.

  • Helmets and Pads – Buy your protection gear from SkateHut whether you use a longboard or any board.
  • Side Gloves – Side gloves are much needed to protect your hands from impact.
  • Scooters

Well these are not motorized scooters that you notice on roads every day, but mechanical ones, with simple structure, that kids and teens and adults use only for games.

  • Stunt Scooters – If you love to pull off some serious tricks or just a learner, a stunt scooter is what you can buy from SkateHunt.
  • SkateHut Custom Scooters – If you do not settle for ordinary, you would love the custom made scooters: custom designed by SkateHut.
  • Adult & Commuter Scooter – If you love scooting not only for games but your day to day commute too, you’d love these scooters in SkateHut’s collection.
  • Kids Scooters – SkateHut offers best kid scooters – made with love for little ones, by big scooter brands.
  • Toddler Scooters – For adventurous toddlers, eager to get into scooting, SkateHut has got many toddler scooters to choose from.
  • Fliker Scooters – If you have a kid who loves three-wheel scooters, Fliker scooters are what you’re going to love.
  • 3 Wheel Scooters – These are proper 3 wheel scooters for the age range maximum 8 years.
  • Kids Scooter Suitcase – If your kid wants a scooter for school, we have got loads of them to pick from.
  • Electric Scooters – It is just as cool as any scooter for adults and then some, because it has got a motor to keep it moving.
  • Scooter Parts and Accessories

You can get all sorts of parts and accessories for your scooter from

  • Scooter Decks
  • Scooter Forks
  • Scooter Handlebars
  • Scooter Wheels
  • Scooter helmets and pads
  • Scooter Stands
  • Scooter Ramps and Rails
  • Scooter Compression and Brakes, etc.
  • Skates

Let us admit this – all of us if never owned roller skates, at least dreamed of having skates and learning to skate.

  • Adults Roller Skates – Start from size bigger enough for adults.
  • Kids Roller Skates – Made only for kids.
  • Ice Skates – Made only for skating on ice. Made for kids as well as adults and athletes.
  • Inline Skates – Aggressive skates, inline skates for adults and inline skates made only for kids.
  • Roller Derby – Get complete roller derby skates or accessories from SkateHut only.
  • Skates Accessories and Protection

  • Laces – All colors and lengths and styles!
  • Skate Bags – Keep your skates neat and clean in custom designed bags offered by many big brands.
  • Wheels and Tools – Change the wheels when the old ones malfunction and have all the tools to take good care of your skates.
  • Helmets and pads – Get the primary protection for yourself.
  • Wrist Guards and Mouth Guards – You’re exposed to all kinds of terrain and threats, better go for maximum protection.
  • Clothes

There is a huge collection of sports or casual clothes on display from brands like Brixton, Levi’s and Nike SB etc. Here is the detail of all subcategories. 

  • Caps – Sports caps and casual caps of all styles!
  • Beanies and Hats – That is the casual clothing arena and you’ve got some serious contenders.
  • Sunglasses and Wallets etc. – Sunglasses, wallets and watches etc. – sports as well as casual, from all known and big brands.
  • Bags – Backpacks, bags and bags made to bag the boards or skates!
  • Bikes

Talking of wheels, we cannot forget bikes – the two-wheel madness. SkateHut has got a motherlode of bikes for you – and accessories too.

  • BMX Cult
  • BMX Fit
  • BMX GT
  • BMX Haro
  • BMX Kink
  • BMX Mafiabike
  • BMX Mongoose
  • BMX Premium
  • BMX Radio
  • BMX Radio Recline
  • BMX SE
  • BMX Subrosa 
  • BMX WeThePeople
  • Other Bikes

  • Mountain Bikes – The famous bikes all bike tourists and enthusiasts use, except for those who race.
  • Road Bikes – Made for traveling or biking or racing with ease.
  • Balance Bikes – Bikes made for a good balance between rugged terrain biking and road biking. They’re kind of multi-purpose bikes.
  • Shoes

Shoes of all popular styles e.g. casual, urban, sports, men, women and kids shoes are available at SkateHut. 

  • Girl Heelys
  • Boy Heelys
  • Adult Heelys
  • Light Up Heelys
  • Shoes Accessories

  • Laces – All colors, sizes and types of laces are available at this store.
  • Insoles – When it comes to shoes, no compromise can be made on comfort. Get the best insoles from SkateHut.
  • Socks – Buy all color, size and material socks at discounted rates.

Deal and Discounts

Believe us!

Believe you us, that products that we have made mention of above, are not all on this website. You can say that we could hardly cover the crux of the skating game products featured on this website.

Here is the detail about all the discounts and deals that you can enjoy.

Student Discount


There is a total 10% discount on any item if you are a student and if you establish this. Just click the “Get Code and Open Site” button, sign in with Google or Facebook, prove that you are a student and you get a discount on any product.

The discount is 10% – no strings attached.


Click the red “Sale” tab on the main menu.

And this is the page that you will see. Click on any item that you want to buy and that is on sale. 

For example, I click on “Skateboard Sale” and I am taken to the products page with a discounted price.

I can see the discounted price as well as the original price, and in some cases, I can also see the percentage of discount.

Here you go:

Custom Skateboards

Go to the “Skateboards” tab in the menu, hover your mouse over it and in the dropdown menu click on “Custom Skateboard Builder”.

This is what you get:

As you can see, they encourage you to use custom built boards. Make one using their system and enjoy a 10% discount on the total price of the board.

Likewise, you can enjoy discount up to 10% or a discounted price by following tricks:

  • Click “Longboards” and from dropdown click “Longboard Bundles” and enjoy 11% to 36% discount.
  • In Scooters dropdown menu click Custom Scooter Builder and enjoy a 10% discount on custom scooter.
  • In the Skates dropdown menu click Roller Skate Bundles and enjoy discounts on different bundles.
  • In Bikes dropdown menu click “Mini BMX Bundles” and enjoy good discounts.

As per our opinion, there are various deals, discounts and bundles available on this website. Here is what we liked and what we did not like much.

  • We liked the abundance of products and variety thereof
  • We liked how they urge people to customize bikes and get discounts. We like how they offer incentives for creativity.
  • We liked their student discount – a really good initiative to help students get their dream board or bike, not to mention a whole listing for items on sale
  • We liked how creatively they organized their website and listings to make it easier for the customers to find everything.
  • We did not like how they crossed the boundary defined by their niche and listed items other than skating.
  • We did not like how the Shoes department was totally monopolized by Heelys. There should be other brands as well.

So, don’t wait anymore. Rush to the SkatHut website and enjoy discounted prices on your favorite products.

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